The European Institute for the Study of Human Behavior is a non profit organization, located in Parma. The founders of IESCUM include university professors and professionals in the field of Psychology, who operate in academic and professional context and are in continuous touch with important international scientific and professional organizations.

IESCUM was born from the desire to promote scientific study and advancement of research pertaining to human behavior in the broadest sense. Topics range from cognition and language, to the prevention and remediation of human suffering in accordance with various areas of psychological applications. Particular attention is provided to interventions aimed at developing solutions to applied problems.

Please refer to the About Us section for further information regarding IESCUM's history and mission.
We are pleased and honored to announce that the fellowship entitled to Gerald L. Shook, founder of the BACB, for studying ABA, has been assigned to Hevin S. Kyurdi.
The 1.000,00 euros grant has been funded through a personal donation of Jane Howard, President of the BACB, and co-funded by IESCUM, Istituto Europeo per lo Studio del Comportamento Umano.