Extended abstract of all the papers and posters accepted for the conference will be published. The deadline for sending the extended abstract is September 10th, 2013.
The Scientific Committee will be editing the abstracts if necessary for a correct publication. 


- Deadline: 10.09.2013
- Title in English
- Title in Italian (optional) 

- Authors (name, affiliation, e-mail contact)

- Abstract in English (or Italian) 

- Maximum length: 9000 characters with spaces, including bibliography and figures. 
Each figure (graph, image, table, etc.) is equivalent to 1000 characters
Examples:  It is possible to submit an extended abstract: 
• text only (max 9000 characters)
text (max 8000 characters) + 1 figure
text (max 7000 characters) + 2 figures
text (max 6000 characters) + 3 figures 

- Bibliography: in writing the bibliography please follow rigorously the APA guidelines.

Please send the extended abstract as an attachment in Word (.doc, .docx) or Pages (.pages) format to: 100comportamentismo@gmail.com
Please attach images in good quality as well if necessary.