From Watson's Manifesto to the Theory of Mind
from BT to ACT

Friday 8th - Saturday 9th of November, 2013
c/o StarHotel Du Parc, viale Piacenza 12 (see map)
Parma - Italy 

A preliminary program of the conference is now available:
Behaviorism at 100 - Preliminary program (PDF, 1,8MB)

The Conference has been organized to celebrate the centennial of the birth of Behaviorism (Watson, 1913). The two-day, three parallel tracks program will see the participation of many important international contributors to the field of Behaviorism, making it a great occasion to discuss about the progress of behavioral science in the last century and particularly in the past ten years. 

Amongst the speakers who have accepted the invitation we can already list Roberto Anchisi, Erik Arntzen, Carmen Berrocal, Giulio Bolacchi, Fabio Celi, Philip Chase, Davide Dettore, Santo Di Nuovo, Linda Hayes, Jane Howard, Mickey Keenan, Giulio Lancioni, Riccardo Manzotti, Jackson Marr, Neil Martin, Paolo Meazzini, Paolo Michielin, Paolo Moderato, Roberto Mosticoni, Gary Novak, Francesca Pergolizzi, Giampaolo Perna, Giovambattista Presti, Daniela Sacchi, Aristide Saggino, Ezio Sanavio, Lucio Sibilia, Salvatore Soresi, Travis Thompson.